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Capacity: 77lt


Even Bake Technology

Always Evenly And Perfectly Cooked

This advanced technology is why your cooking is always on point. Everything you put in this oven is cooked evenly thanks to slightly rounded large cavity which together with smartly positioned special heaters enables excellent and even hot air distribution. This means crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Big glass door and great inside illumination enable you to check on your food anytime without opening the door and letting out hot air. Efficient and even cooking guaranteed.


Steam Add Plus

Add steam for some really crispy crust

Besides offering everything that a standard oven does, this oven will add steam to your baking when you want by simply pressing the Steam Add Plus button. Before cooking just add water into the water tank on the control panel. Once the steam symbol on display lights up, press the button and steam will be released into the cavity. It will make your bread, pastry and croissants golden, crisp on the outside, airy on the inside. You can use it on your roast or chicken too, to make it truly crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.


Pizza Mode

It's pizza time

Now you can enjoy your homemade pizza whenever. Maximum temperature of 300 degree and excellent heat distribution allow that pizza is baked in a very short time tasting just as delicious it would in any Italian restaurant.

Frozen Food Mode

Frozen Food Mode

Mode for pre-prepared meals

This function is perfect for cooking your store-bought frozen foods and other pre-prepared meals such as croissants, lasagne, French fries, chicken nuggets and other pre-baked frozen meat cuts and vegetables. Your dinner will be ready quickly, without preheating.

Auto Programs

Know your ingredients, this oven knows the rest

All you need to know is your ingredients and this oven will do the rest. According to the weight of your dish it will set the right temperature, turn on the heaters and calculate the cooking time. Without complaining. And with the best possible result. You can choose out of 22 automatic programs and put your mind to rest. Cook like a rookie, and with auto programs, eat like a pro.

Air Fry

Fast Preheat

Preheat your oven in no time

With this Fast Preheat you can start your cooking earlier. The oven reaches a temperature of up to 200˚C in less than 5 minutes, which is much faster than standard preheating. This is very convenient for recipes that require a preheated oven. A light and sound signal informs your when the desired temperature is reached.

Simultaneous Cooking

Cooking on multiple levels at once

Having friends over for dinner has never been easier. Thanks to the oven’s massive capacity you can now comfortably cook on all 5 levels simultaneously. One dish or multiple dishes, it doesn’t matter as long as all the cooking times match. Given the space available, height distance between levels is the same, which means all food is cooked evenly.


Gratin 1


Perfect crust

If you want your food all beautiful and crispy, we have a solution for you. Activate gratin function so the grill heater from above will deliver extremely high heat close to the surface of your food. Perfect crust is now just a touch away.

Steam Clean

Steam clean breaks grease down quickly and easily

Forget about scrubbing your dirty oven every few months. One you’re done cooking, just place a baking tray filled with water in an already warm oven and select Steam Clean. In the next 30 minutes steam will loosen grease and grime. Once the oven is cooled down, you can simply wipe it off.


Total View

Total View

Edge-to-edge overview

There is no need to check up on your food by opening the oven door. Special design of the glass door and excellent inside illumination enable you a very clear and wide view of the large oven cavity, giving you a maximum visibility of the baking process.

Cooling System

Cooling System

Keeping your kitchen in original state

The powerful cooling system keeps the temperature of the oven exterior lower than inside, making it safe for you and your kitchen cabinets. In some models, the advanced cooling system regulates the exterior temperature even after the oven has been switched off, so the fan keeps running until the temperature drops to 60 °C.

Big volume

Big volume

Enough space to cook much more

With 77 litre capacity this oven is designed specifically to fit in all your food, even on multiple levels, while still looking sleek, making it perfect for your home.

Telescopic Guides

Telescopic Guides

Easy-glide guides for your convenience

Taking food out of the oven or putting it in has never been easier. Because these telescopic guides slide so smoothly, they offer more flexible cooking. Thanks to the metal rails, once extended they provide full stability and security. Some models carry special click-on telescopic guides, which gives you flexibility of instantly moving them to different oven levels.

Air Fry

Pyrolytic Self-Clean

Ultimate self-cleaning oven
Remove stubborn oven grease with minimal effort by simply activating Pyrolytic Self-clean function. Ovens heats up to 500°C, burning down grease and grime, leaving behind only some residual ashes which you can wipe off with just a damp cloth once the oven is completely cooled down. During the process the oven is automatically locked down, making the cleaning completely safe.

Cool Door

Cool to touch
If you have a toddler running around, these oven doors are completely cool to touch. Because of the advanced design with special glazing the heat stays in the oven, making it safe for you, your kids and pets.

Food Sensor

Get it right everytime
Cook your food exactly how you want it every time. With this Food Sensor you can always monitor the internal temperature of your meat and always getting it right.

Multiphase Cooking

Cooking, roasting and grilling in one go
You know how a ton of recipes require last minute change of temperature and you usually miss it? This Hisense oven has your back with its Multiphase Cooking. Before you press start, you can now set in advance any change in temperature and heaters. When it’s time the oven will automatically change the settings, leaving you free until it’s time to eat.

Soft Close

Silent, effortless closing
Open and close the oven door with almost no effort and noise. A gentle touch is all that’s needed for this door to fully close without making a sound.



Energy Class: A+

Capacity: 77lt

Colour: Inox-Black

Heating Types: 22

Control: Icon Touch Led Display with electronic control

Equipment: 1 Deep tray, 1 shallow enamelled baking pan, 1 Premium grill rack, extendable telescopic guides on two levels

Door Glass: 4

Cleaning: Pyrolytic Self-Clean

Door: SoftOpen and GentleClose door hing

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