Smart Boil
Smart Simmer
Smart Grill
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Induction hobs

The ultimate way to heat

Heating up twice as fast as gas, induction hobs only heat the bottom of induction-specific pans, leaving the remaining hob surface cool and safe to touch. Temperature can be adjusted instantly in a touch, limiting the danger of boiling over. It makes creating temperature-sensitive masterpieces like hollandaise sauce or melting chocolate a simple task.


Flexible Zone

Cooking in big pots with one move

Experience very comfortable cooking in bigger pots and pans. Two vertically connected zones merge into one large cooking surface. You can simply manage it as one cooking zone.

Gentle Melt

Master melting with Gentle Melt

Maintaining a constant temperature of 42°C, Gentle Melt makes it easy to master melting difficult ingredients without burning them. It can be used for light defrosting as well.

Slider Touch

Advanced hob control

Controling you hob has never been easier. Just slide your fingers over the marked area and set the desired power level or other settings.

Smart Boil

Smart Boil for dishes prepared with lots of water, like soups and pasta. It keeps the boiling temperature through entire cooking time, never boiling over.


Smart Grill

An excellent choice for steak lovers, because it offers four levels of doneness and prevents food from burning.

Smart Simmer

Smart Simmer is perfect for preparing stews as it maintains contant temperature just below the boiling point of water.


Keep Warm

In perfect condition for serving
Keep your food in perfect condition at a constant temperature of 70°C until you’re ready to serve. It will taste as freshly cooked.

Move Zone

Two-step cooking zone
This advanced function makes your cooking very intuitive, because it connects two zones into one with two different power levels. When you finish cooking just slide the pot to the back zone and it will stay warm untill you are done. When you turn on the Move Zone the technology behind makes it into two-step cooking zone, first one works on the maximum power level, and the second one on power level 3.

Rapid Boil

Fast and powerful heat
Perfect for dishes that require quick cooking at high temperatures, this setting is not just great for searing steaks and flash frying seafood, but saves time heating pans for other food. After 5 minutes in this mode, the temperature will automatically reduce.

Smart Cooking

Now everyone can cook smart and precise
This smart programmes create a new way of cooking, based on precise pre-set temperature, which dependins on the cooking method – boiling, simmering and grilling. Now everyone can pass as an experienced cook thanks to this ultimate sensor technology that perfects the dishes every time.



4 induction heating zones
Left front: Ø 21×19 cm, 2,1/3 kW,

Right front: Ø 21×19 cm, 2,1/3 kW,

Left rear: Ø 21×19 cm, 2,1/3 kW,

Right rear: Ø 21×19 cm, 2,1/3 kW


Control: Slider Touch

Features: Child Lock, Residual Heat Indicators, Timer, Smart Cooking/Grill/Broil, Flexible Zone, Gentle Melt

Load: 7.36 kW

Dimensions: 59.5 × 5.4 × 52 cm