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85 x 150 x 74cm

Chest freezers

If you’re looking into options how to best freeze food items which you won’t need anytime soon, look no further. Chest freezer is an excellent choice for storing bulk meat or vegetables that you don’t necessarily need at close reach. This long-lasting and energy-efficient appliance has a variety of compartments inside, making it perfect for storing frozen food.
Gas Hob

Flexible Baskets

Flexible wire baskets allow efficient organization by keeping your frozen treats and meat within close reach. Easy storage, easy access.

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Hovering Door

This design makes it easy to open the door and leave it at any angles between 30° and 60°, which means there’s no need to hold it by yourself, allowing for hands-free use as products are loaded or taken out.

Gas Hob
Gas Hob
Front Handle with Lock
Specially designed front handle for easy opening with a lock to secure all your frozen items. Special spring-loaded hinges enable opening the top of the freezer without having to hold the lid with your hands. If you open it on e.g. 45° it will stay in this position until you close it.


Premium Boundless Door

Unlike usual freezer doors, the premium boundless door design is totally fit for the modern home and the stylish minimalist design that leads to the future. The user-friendly design allows the freezer door to be easily cleaned by removing untouchable corners, saving time and effort.

Gas Hob
Air Fry

Convenient wheels help move and place the appliance without a hassle, even with the freezer fully loaded.

Easy Cleaning

The removable multi-sealed door design can effectively isolate external heat while making cleaning simple.

Gas Hob
Air Fry
Adjustable Temperature
With an electronic display, Electronic Temperature Control enables accurate temperature control and fast freezing by simply pressing buttons. No matter how much the temperature you change, it always can be shown clearly on the electronic display.
Winter Guard
Hisense chest freezer performs flawlessly in temperatures up to -15°C, so you can also place it more cooler environment, like a basement or garage without a worry.
Gas Hob
Air Fry

SoftLEDLighting icon

Led Light
LED lighting helps illuminate the storage space evenly and brightly.
Super Freeze

This energy-saving function can lock vitamins in your food and helps to keep the original flavour as much as possible. This is due to the temperature dropping to -30 quickly and rapidly creates cold air to preserve fresh items.  

Gas Hob
Gas Hob
Super Silent

An excellent fan and compressor promise stable and quite performance.


  • Super Freeze
  • Led Light
  • Winter Guard
  • Front Handle with Lock
  • Flexible Baskets



Energy Class: F

Capacity: 457lt    

Energy Consumption: 352 kwh/year

Noise Level: 39Db              

Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 150 x 74cm        

Freezing Capacity: 20.8 kg / 24h