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(H x W x D): 36.5 × 29.1 × 33.5 cm


Temperature control

80°C - 200° C

Changing temperature during operation manually allows you to adjust crispness and food appearance. You can also choose from 9 preset programs and set the perfect temperature automatically.

Gas Hob
Gas Hob

Two independent baskets

Each basket has its own rapid heater and cyclonic fan. This lets you cook two foods in two different way. Main dish and side dish are prepared in the same time in a matter of minutes!

Family sized meals

Bigger frying basket has a volume of 5.3 L and smaller has 3.3 L. So your frying capacity suits family sized meal.

Gas Hob
Air Fry

Healthier frying

Frying with hot air and no or very little oil is the healthiest options of frying. Hot air is circling from top to bottom and back up to create perfect heat distribution. For crispy crust and moist in the middle.

Energy saving

No preheating is needed for frying in air fryer. This means a significant savings in money and time. Air fryers use far less energy than ovens. Some reports are quoting that with air fryer you use 50% less energy compared to baking in a regular oven.

Gas Hob
Gas Hob

Led Display

Clearly visible LED display with touch control panel is easy to use. You can control each basket separately or lock the function and make one selection for both frying baskets.

8 Preset programs

You can use automatic settings for 8 preset programs, including french fries, cake, steak, drumsticks, chicken wings, shrimps, roast sausage or egg tart.
Gas Hob
Gas Hob

Time control

Timer can be set up to 60 minutes. Pleasant sound signal lets you know when time is up.

Maximized crisp
Elevated and perforated fry tray enables advanced air flow which guarantee crisp results.
Gas Hob
Gas Hob

Easy to clean

Both baskets and crisp trays are coated with a non-stick coating which ensure efficient frying and cleaning. Wipe the baskets with soft cloth after each use to get the best smelling and delicious food every time.



Color: Black – inox
Capacity: 8.3lt container,
Cooking methods: 1
Air Fry
Preset Programs: 8
Control: Electronic, with touch screen.
Screen: LED Smart Display