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186 x 59.5 x 59cm

Bottom-mount fridge-freezer

Guardian of fresh food

This Hisense bottom-mount fridge-freezer aims to be your food management expert. With its 90° door opening and counter-depth design it’s more than suitable for any kitchen. There is a special 0° Cooling Plus drawer with temperature 2-3 °C lower than in the rest of the fridge, perfect for storing meat, fish and dairy products



Avoid Manual Defrost Trouble

More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense circulates cold air throughout your fridge and freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming, so there’s no need to ever manually defrost.


Energy Efficiency Materials

Maximum energy efficiency

We employ a vacuum insulation panel, an efficient frequency conversion compressor, and an efficient refrigeration system to deliver lower energy consumption and help protect the environment – and even save you money at the same time.

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Gas Hob

Precise Electronic Control

Precise Electronic Control

Set temperature at ease

The easy view electronic control panel makes controlling the temperature more accurate and various of refrigerator modes are easier to control than ever before

Super cool

Super cool

Powerful cooling

The super cool function can cool down the internal temperature quickly and keeps the fridge compartment to a regular +2 for 6 hours. This is great to help keep the flavour, color and nutritional value of fresh food.

Gas Hob
Air Fry
Door Alarm

Sound notification for opened door

Modern inverter compressors measure the conditions inside your fridge and adjust the cooling output accordingly, to ensure a stable temperature, save energy and run quieter, while also extending your appliance’s lifespan

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Colourful Finishes

Color your life

You can choose out of 4 available door colors, white, sliver, red and black. Pick the one that best fits your kitchen.

Gas Hob
Gas Hob

SoftLEDLighting icon

Led Display

Easy to read, easy to use

The LED Display ensures all functions and temperature settings are clearly seen from the display panel.

Low Noise

Low Noise

Enjoy quieter life

With an excellent fan and compressor system built in, this model promises a more stable performance and a low noise level, providing you a peaceful living space.

Gas Hob
Gas Hob

High level energy class

High-level energy class

Saves energy and is environmental friendly

The Hisense E Class refrigerator consumes up to 47% less energy than an F Class product.


  • Total No Frost
  • Touch Led Display (on white colour model) for easy operation
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Multi Air Flow The smart Multi Air Flow System distributes cold air evenly, optimal consistent temperature is maintained throughout your fridge freezer.
  • LED Interior Light
  • Door Alarm,
  • Compartments

Fridge: 3 moveable glass shelves, 1 vegetable and fruits drawer, 1 large drawer/compartment for keeping meat, fish and deli (fresh zone drawer) chilled, 3 door shelves, 2 egg trays

Freezer: 2 baskets and 1 drawer



Color: White – Inox
Energy Class: E
Capacity: 304lt (207lt Fridge /97lt Freezer)

Energy Consumption: 243kwh/ year
Noise: 39dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 186 x 59.5 x 59cm