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84.5 x 59.5 x 55 cm


A-20% Class

Save energy without sacrificing performance
Thanks to constant improvements in energy efficiency, you can get all the benefits of modern washer using significantly less energy. This means you lower electricity bills, and a step toward helping the environment.

Auto Wash

Easy operation auto program match
Use the Auto function to automatically recognize your laundry and adjust the washing cycles for a tailor-made wash. The Auto program is perfect for a smaller load of mixed fabrics. The convenient program also makes sure the washing is done as quickly as possible, no more manual operation.

Big LED Control Display

View your settings in style
The elegant LED display offers very simple and aesthetically pleasing overview of your appliance. The soft but clear light-up display keeps you from accidentally selecting the wrong functions and gives you a clear easy-to-read overview of your favorite programs.

Delay End

Save time, easy washing
Thanks to the smart scheduled washing program, you can freely set the washing end time according to your need. This allows you to take advantage of the lower electricity rates.

Energy Monitoring

Know your energy usage at all times
Stay in the know with the ConnectLife app. Keep track of your laundry statistics and analyze your cumulative water/electricity usage with the Energy Monitoring function.

Hygiene guard

Stay sterile laundry
With antibacterial material of the rubber seal, provide you more healthy laundry results. And the Pure Jet function can wash away the stains on the door and bellow.

Pause & Add

Add Clothes During Washing
This highly convenient function allows you to simply pause the washing process and quickly add clothes to your load or remove unwanted items from it.


A fast wash for smaller loads
Sometimes even the 49-minute Quick Wash function isn’t fast enough to accommodate your busy schedule. With the Quicker function, you can reduce your wash time to as little as 30 minutes, with a powerful and time efficient program that doesn’t compromise on quality. Meanwhile, we also provide quick 15min to help you get quicker washing result.

Self Diagnostic

Instantly know what the problem is
The washing machine with a doctor inside! In the extremely unlikely event of a malfunction, the self-diagnostic tools will immediately notify you with a unique error code that can be easily accessed through your mobile phone and found in the user manual. This makes troubleshooting quick and convenient, saving you both time and stress and ensures both you and your appliance are safe and secure.

Smart Assist

Never worry about stains
Selecting the right program for your laundry can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be. By selecting the fabric type, color, and soil level the Smart Assist function selects the perfect combination of the temperature, time, and water, to bring your clothes back to tip-top shape.

Smart Link

Smart connect, easy dry
The washing machine duplicates washing program to the dryer*, which automatically choose drying programs by itself, greatly saving your time from additional operation.

Durable inverter

Economical and Quiet
Equipped with BLDC inverter, better denoises washing sounds, whose noise level is A. Compared with traditional series dc motor, Hisense durable inverter helps to save more energy and lower your electrical bills.

Pure Jet

Powerful flow for efficient washing
The top-mounted jet drastically improves your wash at every step. The jet makes help remove stains from your favorite clothes and the detergent will be evenly spread to give you the perfect washing results.

Auto Dosing

Easy dosing, only from one fill
Your washing machine will automatically choose the precise detergent or softener dosage according to the weight of clothes. Better save your manual operations and avoid detergent waste. *Detergent 700ml, softerner 400ml The soapbox volume of 10.5kg is 1000ml+500ml.



Energy Class: E

Capacity: 9kg

RPM: 1400rpm

Consumption: 34kwh/100, 39L/100

Noise Level: 72dB

Features: ConnectLife app help use and monitor the washing machine, Auto Dosing Your washing machine will automatically choose the precise detergent or softener dosage according to the weight of clothes, Quicker Wash decreases the duration of the program time, Steam Wash high-temperature steam is released from the bottom of the drum, and the steam fully penetrates the clothes, which can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, Pause & Add for adding clothes, Power Jet Wash The top-mounted jet drastically improves your wash at every step, Drum Clean you can now clean the drum with more water, at higher temperatures and drum rotation speeds to ensure truly excellent washing performance, Auto Wash Automatically senses the weight during the wash cycle and adds the proper amount of water and detergent, cleaning your clothes optimally and efficiently. Raindrop Dum.